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Visual Thinkers

Established in 2003, the Nitrocorpz Studio managed to work in several fields of visual communication, such as print, illustration, branding, animation and interactive projects. We conquered respect and admiration from our clients, thanks to the efficacy and consistency of the design solutions we presented.

Some of the clients that we worked with: Abril Editora, Absolut Vodka, Bolshoi Pub, Computer Arts, F/Nazca Comunicação, Electrolux, Home Center TendTudo, Johnnie Walker, Linotype, MTV, Nike, Nickelodeon, Rede Globo, Viacom, from all over the world like Germany, Argentina, Canada, USA, Spain, UK.

We think visually to help our clients to build solid, challenging and creative experiences.

Our client is our partner. We listen. We reflect. We do.




Rua 18, 282 Sala 7, Setor Oeste CEP: 74120-080. Goiânia - GO - Brazil
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